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Thousands of People Groups Are Still Unreached and Bibleless

Monday, October 27th, 2008


I just returned from the World Mission Workshop at Faulkner University where I gave two presentations. One concerned my Pilgrimage in Africa (more on that later), and the other was titled “What About the Remaining Unreached People“. That second presentation keeps playing over and over in my soul. I want to ask, “How is it that near the end of 2008 there are still over 5,000 people who have not had a new congregation planted among them in the past two years? Why are there more than 4,000 language groups without any scriptures, not even a gospel in their own language?” But, the answer to that question will not make any difference in the world. “What will I, and what will we do about it?” is a much more pertinent question.


The Southern Baptist International Mission Board has a live table showing the increase in the number of people born each second who do not have an adequate opportunity to hear the gospel. Look at it at Tick, tick, tick…. and let it sink into your soul.


In 1974, at the Lausanne International Congress on World Evangelization, mission leaders cast a vision to see a church planted in every people group on the planet by the year 2000. Here we are 34 years later, not having made substantial progress toward that vision.


 What can we do right now? Three things: pray, pray, pray. If you feel moved by the Lord, join with me and set aside a time each day to pray for the unreached and Bibleless people of the world. I will continue to discuss this topic in this blog, but right now join with me in asking the Father to show us what He wants us to do about this sad situation.