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The Use of Christian Money and Personnel Among the Unreached People Groups and Bibleless People Groups

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

I am often defensive when the topic of money, and how I how I ought to spend it, is being preached at me. So I am well aware that discussing money and missions can be a sensitive subject, especially during the current, world-wide financial turmoil. It is not my intention to make any individual, congregation or agency feel guilty about their allocation of funds or personnel. Guilt may be a strong motivator in the world, but it has no place in Christian discourse unless it is to point to God’s grace to alleviate it. My sense is that outside of a small circle of informed Christians, most of us are unaware of the disparity between the resources spent on the reached and those spent on the unreached and Bibleless people groups of the world. Armed with knowledge of the reality of this situation, I believe we will begin to realign our mission monies and personnel.

So, I offer some pertinent facts. In 2004, according to Mission Frontiers, Christians gave about two hundred and thirteen billion dollars to Christian endeavors, including their local congregation. $213,000,000,000. Wow! That is a lot of zeros (yet it amounts to less than two percent of their earned income). Of that amount, only 11.4 billion dollars, or 5.4%, went to foreign missions. The bulk of that mission money, 87%, was allocated to mission work among those people groups that have already been reached. Ministries to the unreached made do with the remaining 13%. The bottom line is that only .000918% of all funds contributed to Christian causes (that’s nine cents out of every one hundred dollars) went to works concentrating on unreached people groups.

I recently discovered a great tool for showing this disparity. Rev. Shari Hobby, Co-Director Ethne, has developed a tool to “visually and experientially” impress a congregation or small group with the reality of the number of unreached peoples and the paucity of resources concentrated on them. The tool consists of a set of note cards that can be marked and distributed to among any gathering. You can find the procedure for marking the cards in Rev. Shari’s paper, DEVELOPING A PERSPECTIVE OF WORLD MISSION. I encourage you to use the tool.

Another recent discovery for me was an outstanding student developed and maintained website by the name of The Traveling Team with the purpose “to glorify God by educating and equipping college students to become World Christians who fulfill their responsibility in World Evangelization.” In Lesson 4 of their resources they point out that only 4% of foreign missions work force is working to reach unreached people groups. The other 96% labor among the reached.

On the first of this month, (Nov. 2008), the World Evangelical Alliance General Assembly concluded in Pattaya, Thailand. They adopted six resolutions, one of which concerned the worldwide financial crisis. “While we hope that the painful consequences of the turmoil will be mitigated, our concern is that its impact will continue to permeate into more regions and economies of the world. We recognize that this economic crisis will have the most painful impact on the poor, who are the most vulnerable.” The resolution went on to call on Christians to care for the poor during the crisis and live simply and generously.

While trusting in the Lord to provide for the unreached people groups of the world, I must be honest that I wonder if efforts directed toward them might suffer greatly. Join with me in prayer that the unreached people groups and those working among them may truly experience the presence of the Lord in their lives and that their lives may be changed on this earth and the one to come. What are you seeing or foreseeing concerning the impact of the world financial crisis on the unreached people groups and missions working among them?

Thousands of People Groups Are Still Unreached and Bibleless

Monday, October 27th, 2008


I just returned from the World Mission Workshop at Faulkner University where I gave two presentations. One concerned my Pilgrimage in Africa (more on that later), and the other was titled “What About the Remaining Unreached People“. That second presentation keeps playing over and over in my soul. I want to ask, “How is it that near the end of 2008 there are still over 5,000 people who have not had a new congregation planted among them in the past two years? Why are there more than 4,000 language groups without any scriptures, not even a gospel in their own language?” But, the answer to that question will not make any difference in the world. “What will I, and what will we do about it?” is a much more pertinent question.


The Southern Baptist International Mission Board has a live table showing the increase in the number of people born each second who do not have an adequate opportunity to hear the gospel. Look at it at Tick, tick, tick…. and let it sink into your soul.


In 1974, at the Lausanne International Congress on World Evangelization, mission leaders cast a vision to see a church planted in every people group on the planet by the year 2000. Here we are 34 years later, not having made substantial progress toward that vision.


 What can we do right now? Three things: pray, pray, pray. If you feel moved by the Lord, join with me and set aside a time each day to pray for the unreached and Bibleless people of the world. I will continue to discuss this topic in this blog, but right now join with me in asking the Father to show us what He wants us to do about this sad situation.