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Stories of Africa

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

We have just gone live with an additional website Stories of Africa. The site presents African writers and non-Africans who have written about Africa.  It is about the authors and their works.

Stories of Africa does contain a RSS newsfeed of BBC’s Africa Service, however it goes behind the news are reveals the careers of the Reporters of news from Africa.

The Stories Tellers of Africa, including novelists, short story writers, and poets are presented.

Stories of Africa will present both noted and obscure Scholars who written on the gambit of African Studies from the politics and people groups to the religion and philosophy.

If you enjoy reading about Africa, you will enjoy knowing something about the writers themselves.

If you are a non-fiction or fiction writer who has explored Africa and her people in your work, we could be interested in highlighting you and your material.

Give Stories of Africa a look.